Mar 04


Feb 15


The Sacrament of Holy Confession is one of the Sacraments of the Church divinely ordained and an indispensable part of our Spiritual Life. You may read about Confession in the following links: Confession Sacrament The Mystery of Confession Repentance and Confession – An Introduction The Athonite Hieromonk – Fr Damaskinos, who visits Australia every year to …

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Nov 24

Greek School 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT Κάνουμε γνωστό σε όλους τους γονείς και κηδεμόνες της Κοινότητας  και Ενορίας Kogarah και Περιχώρων ότι, κατά τη νέα σχολική περίοδο 2017 θα λειτουργήσουν κανονικά τα παρακάτω Ελληνικά Απογευματινά Σχολεία με άριστο τρόπο διδασκαλίας και πεπειραμένο διδακτικό προσωπικό. The Parish and Community of the Greek Orthodox Church of Kogarah wish you to inform that for the year 2017, the …

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Jan 29

Greek School Enrolment Form

Student Enrolment Form For your convenience you can print the Greek School Enrolment Form and bring it completed at the Greek School. Just press on the following link to open the form and print. Greek School Enrollment Form  

Dec 16

Savvas Pizanias, Archdiocesan Announcement

Jan 25

English Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated in English on Monday 6th of February 2017 from 7:30 – 8:30 pm.